Study Tour to Japan

KKC Fellowship Program for North American Social Studies Teachers

Since 1980, more than 700 social studies teachers have taken part in the KKC Study Tour to Japan. The program aims to deepen participants’ understanding of Japan and contribute to international mutual understanding across the Pacific. Their experiences and findings in Japan have significant value to their students, who will build future ties with Japan.

The KKC Study Tour to Japan is full of opportunities to:

-Interact with Japanese students,
-Exchange views with Japanese school teachers,
-Discuss with scholars and experts on Japanese society,
-Meet business leaders, and
-Enjoy traditional and contemporary Japanese culture.

Keizai Koho Center offers the KKC Study Tour to Japan for North American Middle and High School Teachers in cooperation with the National Association of Japan-America Societies (NAJAS).

About the KKC Study Tour to Japan (PDF)

Voices of Past Participants

Japan: A Place of Mindfulness

Leah Bouas, 2019 KKC Fellow

The Power of KKC Fellowship Study Tours

Mike Raymer, 2009 KKC Fellow
Executive Director, Georgia Council on Economic Education