NAJAS/KKC Business Speaker Series 50 
Chicago, Illinois
Mark Reisenauer, Astellas Pharma US
Richard Katz, Japan Economy Watch

March 13, 2023

The Japan America Society of Chicago hosted a panel event, “Astellas: Working to Advance Innovative Science into Proven Value for Patients” and “Restoring Japan’s Leadership in Innovation”, featuring Mr. Mark Reisenauer, President of Astellas Pharma US and Mr. Richard Katz, Publisher, Japan Economy Watch and Senior Fellow, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. The event was held online via Zoom.

Mr. Reisenauer’s presentation included an introduction and background on Astellas, followed by a look at the U.S. biopharmaceutical landscape, including mention of how critical the U.S. biomedical R&D ecosystem is in bringing new medication to patients and maintaining U.S. leadership. Mr. Reisenauer ended his presentation with a brief overview of the U.S. policy environment, including policy areas that foster growth and R&D investment, as well as solutions to improving access and affordability such as RMB reform, addressing misaligned benefit design and reducing utilization management practices.

Mr. Katz’s presentation, “Restoring Japan’s Leadership in Innovation”, looked at how today’s technological regime fosters and requires more “open innovation” forms of collaboration among companies. He also explored opportunities for collaboration between American and Japanese segments within civil society. The event ended with a lively Q&A session.