Online Meeting The Role and Importance of Keizai Koho Center’s “Business Speaker Series” in U.S.-Japan Relations Peter Kelley, National Association of Japan-America Societies

July 14, 2022

Zoom Meeting

Keizai Koho Center invited Mr. Peter Kelley, President of the National Association of Japan-America Societies, who has been cooperating with the KKC in implementing the KKC Business Speaker Series (BSS) program in the U.S., to speak about the current state of Japan-U.S. relations, how local communities perceive the activities of Japanese companies, the importance of dialogue between companies and local communities, and the role of BSS in this context.

Mr. Kelley introduced the history of the program which started in 2012 as an opportunity for Japanese companies to introduce their activities and contributions to local communities in the U.S. Specialists such as journalists, think tank researchers and academics have also participated in the events, achieving satisfaction from the audiences. Mr. Kelly concluded that Japan-America Societies in all over the U.S. are interested in the program and would like to welcome Japanese companies to join and participate in the events.