Chairman’s Message

Masakazu TOKURA

Keizai Koho Center (Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs, or KKC) was established in 1978, at a time of mounting criticism of the corporate sector following the oil crisis years of the 1970s. To this day, the KKC has worked to publicize the views and activities of Keidanren and bring the contributions being made by Japanese companies and industries to the attention of the Japanese and international media, opinion leaders, the educational community, society at large, and other stakeholders. Through dialogue, we have sought to build and strengthen trust in the Japanese business community.

Recent years have brought to the surface a number of fundamental problems in the world. These include widening social disparities arising from excessive capitalism, the destruction of ecosystems caused by global warming and other environmental damage, and escalating geopolitical risks and the crisis of democracy, among others. Many of these challenges have been exacerbated by the novel coronavirus pandemic. As an important player in a capitalist society, the business community must work more speedily and proactively than ever before to address these issues. As we aim to realize Society 5.0 for SDGs and to establish more sustainable forms of capitalism, we must work to find solutions to growing social disparities, climate change, and the other pressing challenges that face our societies.

In this context, the KKC will redouble our efforts to communicate effectively and powerfully with stakeholders in Japan and overseas to highlight the contributions that Japanese companies and industries are making to solve these social problems. Our efforts will center on Keidanren’s proactive proposals to achieve a positive cycle of growth and distribution through enhanced industrial competitiveness and the strengthening of partnerships to rebuild a free and open international economic order. In addition to dialogue, we will help to support and strengthen the public relations of companies and industries.

In line with this, as part of our efforts to promote digital transformation, we will provide easy-to-understand information that will be useful in gaining the understanding and confidence of people in society in providing their personal data and encouraging the changes in behavior that will be necessary to achieve a carbon neutral society.

I sincerely hope we can look forward to your continued guidance and support as we move forward with these efforts.