Congratulations to Haley Franca
Winner of the Best Lesson Plan of the 2017 Fellows

Haley Franca, a Social Studies Teacher of California, was selected among the 2017 KKC Fellows for writing the best lesson plan titled “Pacifism As Policy: Japan’s Article 9”.

Students spent a week working on a lesson in which they analyzed Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution.
They used Google Chromebooks and hard copy handouts to complete this project. The students were rather daunted, at first, by the amount of research, reading and written analysis necessary to understand the topic and perform the assessment task.
However, after two days of work and the opportunity to work together in completing the research, they took to the project with interest and enthusiasm. The students’ knowledge of this content was assessed through their creation of a visual essay in which they made a Prezi presentation about their findings regarding Article 9 and Japanese Government and international relations. The original plan called for only three days of class time, but the students were given two extra days, thus totaling five days. This was done so that students would have the opportunity to do enough research and learn as much as possible about the subject. Learning about the Japanese government was a unique experience for the American students


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