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Japan-Korea and Korea-Japan Future Partnership Funds -Enhancing mutual understanding to build a stronger relationship between Japan and Korea-

Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) and the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) agreed to establish a “future partnership fund” in their respective countries. Each business group has contributed to the fund, which will be used for collaborative projects to promote a forward-looking relationship between the two countries, particularly in fields such as youth exchanges and industrial cooperation, with the aim of building a friendly relationship between the two countries for the future.

Keizai Koho Center implemented the first of the series of programs by organizing the Invitation Program for Korean Teachers from January 15-19, 2024 in Tokyo, in cooperation with Keidanren and FKI. A total of 50 Korean teachers of various subjects including Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education and Languages participated. They visited Japanese schools and corporations and also learned about Japanese culture and traditions.

After returning to their home country, the teachers will share the first-hand knowledge gained from the program with their students, thereby contributing to better mutual understanding and continuous cooperation between Japan and Korea.

The second program is scheduled to be held in August, 2024 and Japanese school teachers will be visiting Seoul.

Voices of Participants
2024 Invitation Program for Korean Teachers

Doyun Jeong
Teacher, Gwangjugwang-yeogsi, Korea

When I was selected as a participant of the Invitation Program to Japan for Korean high school teachers, I was filled with excitement. I was interested in Japan because I had never been to Japan, although we belong to the same East Asian region. I was also aware that Japan was a country that was close but seemed distant. However, the short but fulfilling program that started with an orientation meeting in Korea and lasted for 5 days and 4 nights greatly helped to change my preconceived notions and broaden my horizons.

Hyosung Choi
Teacher, Suwon, Korea

This program helped me to think about the topics that we learned in Japan and the strengths that Korea possesses. I hope that this program will be continued and that it will serve as an opportunity to help promote cooperation between the two countries in any way possible.

Juhong Min
Teacher, Boeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

This program gave us time to think about new perspectives and future directions for the future of Korea and Japan, which play a central role in Northeast Asia. I gained confidence that both countries must work hard to develop together as neighbors and that we can be good friends if we solve problems wisely.

Sugyeong Song
Teacher, Suncheon, Korea

I was able to confirm and compare the visions and perspectives of various Japanese companies by hearing firsthand the presentations of companies that I would not have been able to hear from if I had personally visited Japan. This allowed me to learn that the Japanese companies have envisioned and implemented concrete and substantial mechanisms and measures for “sustainability“.