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Business Training for Japanese School Teachers

Since 1983, Keizai Koho Center has provided opportunities for Japanese junior high and high school teachers to undergo educational and practical training at businesses for 1-3 days during the summer vacation period.

In 2021, the business training programs were held online for the first time. A total of 984 Japanese school teachers participated in the online training at 41 corporations and business organizations. Through this business training, teachers gain an understanding of corporate values, strategies, human resource development and efforts by companies to achieve SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) so that they can share the information with their students at their schools.

Facility tour at a gas company (2019)
Photography lesson at Nikon (2018)
Making soy sauce at Kikkoman Corporation (2018)
Learning about 3D Printers at Marubeni Corporation (2018)
Hazard prediction training at Toray Industries, Inc. (2017)
Shinkansen (bullet train) conductor training at West Japan Railway Company (2017)