Online Seminar The Role of Global Communication in Portfolio Transformation

December 01, 2023


Keizai Koho Center held an online seminar with McKinsey & Company, inviting Mr. Andy West, Senior Partner of the Boston Office and two others, to speak about “The Role of Global Communication in Portfolio Transformation”. A total of 77 people from KKC member companies attended.

Mr. West mentioned that as various industries are witnessing shifts in supply and demand due to geopolitical factors, companies must consider not only the expansion of new products and services, but also the contraction of conventional products and portfolio transformation. Mr. Chihiro Kato and Mr. Koichiro Taguchi, Partners of the Tokyo Office, explained that in an era of increasing uncertainty, strategic portfolio transformation by the management is important and corporate communication regarding M&As should be strengthened.

During the Q&A session, the speakers stated that it is important for companies to actively communicate appropriate information at the right time to each stakeholder, including shareholders, market participants, employees, and customers, through close interdepartmental cooperation.