Meeting with Foreign Media Yao Yuan, TOKYO-FASHION

September 12, 2023

Zoom meeting

Keizai Koho Center held an online meeting with representatives of Chinese media, TOKYO-FASHION (web magazine and free paper) and Columbus Media, which operates the social media platform “TOKYO SHIN-SEINEN”. They are well known among the Chinese media in Japan for their active use of social media to disseminate information about Japan.

Mr. Yao Yuan, Founder and Editor in Chief of TOKYO-FASHION, introduced China’s Advertisement Law which was revised in 2015 and explained the phrases and expressions that should be avoided based on this law. He also explained that AI is used to control online advertising and then gave a detailed explanation of the guidelines for posting on social media platforms in China.

Mr. Yulong Wang, Representative Director of TOKYO SHIN-SEINEN, explained that TikTok is still the most popular social media app in China, although REDBOOK and the review site, “Dianping” are gaining more impact than before. Recent social media trends and past posts that prompted large reactions were also introduced.

In the Q&A session, it was pointed out that the interests of Chinese visitors to Japan are changing from “Things” to “Experiences” and “People“. Participants from Japanese companies asked questions related to social media and the Generation Z in China and Japan.