Meeting with Foreign Media Peter Landers, The Wall Street Journal
River Davis, The Wall Street Journal

July 11, 2023

Keidanren Kaikan

Keizai Koho Center held a meeting with Mr. Peter Landers, Tokyo Bureau Chief and Ms. River Davis, Reporter of The Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Peter Landers introduced The Wall Street Journal, the American English-language international daily newspaper founded in 1889 and read by 390,000 people as of March 2023. He explained that a characteristic of the newspaper is that the Opinion section has long served as a forum for thought-provoking commentary and operates with complete independence from the newsroom. He also stated that one of the topics of concern about Japan is the increasingly high government debt to GDP ratio.

Ms. River Davis, a reporter covering Japanese companies and how Japanese companies are navigating change, explained the steps that she takes to write an article about a company. She stated that discussions and negotiations with companies are helpful. She also mentioned that she prefers to write articles that focus on people and stressed the importance of communicating with a global audience.