Online Seminar Thinking about the Marine Debris Problem in ASEAN and Japan

February 09, 2023

Zoom Webinar

Keizai Koho Center co-hosted an online seminar with Chulalongkorn University and more than 80 participants, including students, scholars and business persons attended from 7 countries.

Dr. Suchana Apple Chavanich, Professor of Chulalongkorn University made a presentation on the situation of marine debris in Thailand and how to use science and technology to move forward. She explained that plastic pollution is not only contaminating the ocean, but is also contaminating the environment in the form of microplastics which can accumulate in the human body and have an impact to humans. She also introduced Thailand’s roadmap to reduce plastic waste by 2030, as well as Chulalongkorn University’s research programs and other efforts to reduce plastic waste using the role model concept.

Her presentation was followed by Mr. Toshihiko Higuchi, General Manager of the Chemicals Management Department of the Japan Chemical Industry Association who explained the Japanese chemical industries’ efforts to end plastic pollution. He also introduced examples of the support from the Japanese chemical industry to Southeast Asian countries, such as training seminars on plastic waste management and the publication of educational DVDs with Southeast Asian language subtitles to educate young people in Southeast Asia.

Dr. Masaru Tanaka, Honorable Professor of Okayama University and Director of the Research Institute of Solid Waste Management Engineering (RISWME) served as the moderator of the discussion and Q&A session.