Online Meeting U.S. Energy and Climate Policy and U.S.-Japan Relations Paul Saunders, Energy Innovation Reform Project

December 15, 2022

Zoom Webinar

Mr. Paul Saunders, President of the Energy Innovation Reform Project, made a presentation to KKC members on the above topic. Regarding energy and climate change policy, he explained that although the midterm elections were favorable for the Biden administration, the government is still divided. Before the election, moderate Senate Democrats were the main challenge to the administration agenda, but after the election, House Republicans have become the problem, so how to accommodate moderate House Republicans without losing too many progressive Democrats is a challenge.

To accelerate clean energy, he also mentioned that federal legislation regarding land reform is important but will be challenging. He also pointed out that to deploy clean energy in the U.S., public acceptance is also an issue, as there is a significant opposition in some communities to build clean energy facilities such as wind turbines.

Regarding the U.S.-Japan relationship, Mr. Sauders stated that there are many opportunities to deepen collaboration on energy and energy technology between governments, universities and companies.