Seminar Business Impact of Global Public Relations and Utilization of International Conferences Anna Tunkel, APCO Worldwide

November 21, 2022


Keizai Koho Center invited Ms. Anna Tunkel, Executive Director and Head of Strategic Partnerships & Global Engagement at APCO Worldwide to speak on the above topic to KKC member corporations.

Ms. Tunkel first pointed out that opportunities for private companies to participate in international meetings are increasing, for example, the participation rate of CEOs of private companies of Western countries at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos is increasing. To solve various problems, she stated that it is important to consider and implement initiatives while incorporating the opinions of many people by forming partnerships with multi-stakeholders.

She emphasized that in order for Japanese companies to participate in international conferences and disseminate information, it is necessary to take the lead in solving even one of the issues that are becoming problems in the world, and linking them to business strategies. She also said that there is a need to increase international engagement, adding to the importance of continuing to invest in strengthening relationships with solid partners.

Ms. Tunkel believes that Japanese companies have a long-term perspective compared to Western companies, so they should bring this to the fore. She said that for Western companies, there are things to learn from Japanese companies.

A total of 40 people attended this in-person event.