Symposium KKC/MIT Industirial Liaison Program Startup Showcase

November 08, 2022


Keizai Koho Center, in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Industrial Liaison Program (MIT-ILP) held a symposium where scholars of MIT and executives from 14 MIT-connected startups presented new technologies and possibilities of solving social issues through innovations. Mr. Blade Kotelly, CEO of Blade Kotelly Inc. and Senior Lecturer of the MIT Gordon Engineering Leadership Program, made a keynote presentation titled “Quantified Innovation: 7 Steps to Place The RIGHT Big Bets”.

The 14 startups that introduced their innovative businesses were Xinterra, Basis Technology, Skylla Technologies, So Work, iQ3Connect, CATALOG, Ambri, Syzygy Plasmonics, Zapata Computing, Swift Solar, Modulus Discovery, Aria Pharmaceuticals and Nano-C. A total of 170 participants attended the symposium which was followed by a networking lunch.