Meeting with Foreign Media Kana Inagaki, The Financial Times

September 12, 2022

Keidanren Kaikan

Ms. Kana Inagaki, Tokyo Bureau Chief of The Financial Times (FT), introduced the FT and their editorial perspectives to representatives of KKC member corporations. She shared the top 10 economic and business articles related to Japan that were read the most by their readers around the world in 2022, pointing out that there are four main areas of interest.

The first area of interest, she explained, is how Japan is dealing with the global inflationary trend. She stated that readers are interested in whether Japan can end deflation, how Japanese companies are maintaining their employment and why wages are not rising. Secondly, she stated that readers are interested in how the situation in the Ukraine is affecting Japan’s energy policy. Articles about Japan’s nuclear restart and the comparison with countries such as Germany have been widely read by FT readers. Thirdly, Ms. Inagaki said that articles about the geopolitical risks and security concerning Taiwan have increased. She went on to explain that the fourth area of interest is Japan’s economic security amid U.S.-China tensions.

Ms. Inagaki emphasized that when articles about Japan are written, it is important to relate Japan to global trends and timely issues. She also explained that the FT publishes more top interviews than any other foreign media and puts in a lot of work in preparing special reports, so the cooperation and support of Japanese businesses is highly appreciated. A total of 60 people attended this in-person event.