Online Meeting Chinese Media and Public Relations of Japanese Companies Daichin Zou, President,
Hiro Yuminaga, Producer, JCC, Inc.

March 23, 2022

Zoom Meeting

Mr. Daichin Zou, President of JCC, Inc. and Mr. Hiro Yuminaga, Producer of JCC were invited to speak on the above topic at Keizai Koho Center’s online meeting.

Mr. Yuminaga explained that China has “traditional media” such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines and “new media” such as news sites and SNS. Due to the rise of new media and the strengthening of the control of the Chinese government, industry reorganization in traditional media is progressing and large-scale traditional media are being born in both the central and local areas in recent years.

Mr. Yuminaga also said it is important for Japanese companies to deepen their relationships with major traditional media when conducting public relations in China.

He stressed the importance of understanding that in China, there are risks involved in disseminating information on political, anti-anniversary and unique cultural issues. A total of 45 participants from KKC member companies attended.