Online Meeting The Importance of Multi-Stakeholder Engagement in Global Corporate Communications

January 20, 2022

ZOOM Meeting

Mr. Takashi Kawamoto, Director in the Washington D.C. Office of Brunswick Group, and Mr. Nick Rice, Director in the New York Office, were invited to KKC’s online meeting. With complicated social issues and diversification of stakeholders, Mr. Kawamoto presented how important it is for corporate leaders to engage multiple stakeholders strategically and to enhance dialogue with them. He stressed the importance of strategic preparation prior to a crisis hitting, including defining the criteria to prioritize stakeholders, collecting and analyzing intelligence, and ensuring the proper corporate decision-making process is in place. Mr. Rice added that corporations are expected to express their views on social and environmental issues and should take concrete actions to support their views. He shared the challenges and best practices of companies that have made an impact by holding active dialogue with multiple sets of stakeholders. A total of 70 participants from KKC member companies attended.