Emerging Technologies and Cyber Risk Charla Griffy-Brown, Pepperdine University Graziado School of Business & Management

December 10, 2021

Zoom Webinar

Dr. Charla Griffy-Brown, Professor the Graziado School of Business & Management of Pepperdine University, explained the risks and challenges of addressing cyber risks.

She stated that over the past two decades, we have woven a fabric of connectivity in our economy and society via the Internet – a platform that was designed primarily for sharing information, not protecting it. Now the threat landscape has changed and companies must realize the stakes are higher than ever and that no industry or organization is immune. She emphasized that building a broad, sustainable cyber security capability takes leadership, commitment and focus. Mr. Takashi Ueda, Editor of the Editorial Innovation Center, Editorial Bureau, Nikkei Inc. served as the commentator.