Online Meeting Sustainable Capitalism: Reflections from the UK Hugh Whittaker, University of Oxford

October 27, 2021

Microsoft Teams

Professor Hugh Whittaker of the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies, University of Oxford, was invited to speak on the above topic to Keizai Koho Center member corporations. Prof. Whittaker noted that the U.K. has been proceeding to decarbonize as the host country of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), but a new ‘winter of discontent’ might be approaching due to the rising prices of energy and foods. Reflecting on changes in the U.K. more broadly, he questioned whether ‘purposeful business’ capitalism can be built on top of finance capitalism. Referring to “Society 5.0”, he recognized its uniqueness as “a sustainable, human-centred society created through digital transformation.”
As for “. The NEW Growth Strategy” and sustainable capitalism proposed by KEIDANREN, he pointed out that the role of workers is still not clear, but he hopes Japan will become a leading country to promote DX and green growth with the cooperation between employees and employers, just as Japan achieved it’s economic miracle through it.

To learn more about the “Society 5.0” and “. The NEW Growth Strategy”, click the links below.
Society 5.0
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