Online Meeting with Foreign Media Japan’s New Prime Minister and Foreign Policy – The View of The Wall Street Journal Peter Landers, The Wall Street Journal

October 07, 2021

Zoom Webinar

Mr. Peter Landers, Tokyo Bureau Chief of The Wall Street Journal, presented his views on the above topic to KKC member corporations. He stated that 30 years ago, when he first came to Japan as a reporter, the Liberal Democratic Party(LDP)was dominant despite bribery and corruption and he questioned whether Japan was a democratic nation. After two regime changes, he said, he witnessed the diversity of candidates in the recent LDP leadership election to believe that Japan has become a healthy democracy. Regarding Prime Minister Kishida’s vision of a new capitalism, the details are yet to be assessed, but revising Abenomics based on public opinion is a sign of a democratic nation, he said. He also noted that although large scale reforms are difficult and time consuming, he wants to wait and see the results without criticizing the process. A total of 100 participants attended the online meeting.