Online Symposium Japan’s Potentiality to Survive U.S.-China Competition

March 08, 2021

Zoom Webinar

Keizai Koho Center held an online symposium, inviting Mr. Riley Walters, Deputy Director of the Hudson Institute Japan Chair, Dr. Long Ke, Senior Fellow of the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research and Professor Shumpei Takemori of Keio University as speakers. Mr. Hiroyuki Akita, Commentator of Nikkei newspaper served as the moderator.

Mr. Riley pointed out that the Biden administration emphasizes the relations with allies and like-minded countries in the areas of security, technology, strategic supplies and information. He stated that the U.S. will respond to China’s challenges in cooperation with Japan, which has stronger relations in ASEAN.

Dr. Ke mentioned that the serious concern in China is the high unemployment rate. He also stated that the rising labor costs in major cities is encouraging the Chinese government to transform their industrial structure.

Prof. Takemori pointed out that Japan should pay attention to the trends in Europe regarding the U.S.-China conflict, since the Euro-U.S. Green partnership can also serve as a counterweight to China. If the carbon pricing cum border adjustment policy becomes the new global norm, the Japanese government will need to implement powerful industrial policies.