Symposium Unveiling Indian Media to Facilitate Your Business

December 10, 2019


Keizai Koho Center held a symposium titled “Unveiling Indian Media to Facilitate Your Business”. Mitsutake Numahata, Senior Regional Coordinator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained the diplomatic relations between India and Japan, and Pallavi Aiyar, Tokyo correspondent of The Hindu, an Indian English-language newspaper, explained the differences in culture and ways of thinking between India and Japan.
Lastly, Junko Teiva Nirmala, CEO of Encess, reported on the recent trends in the Indian media industry, its influence on society through publicity and advertising, and the issues that the industry faces.

Panelists: Mitsutake Numahata Senior Regional Coordinator, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Pallavi Aiyar Tokyo Correspondent, The Hindu
Junko Teiva Nirmala CEO, Encess Ltd.