NAJAS/KKC Business Speaker Series 33 
Denver, Colorado

May 2, 2018

The NAJAS/KKC Business Speaker Series was held in Denver, Colorado on May 2, 2018 in cooperation with the Japan-America Society of Colorado. Mr. Hiroyuki Takai, SVP & General Manager, Washington Office, Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, Senator Cory Gardner, Mr. Jacob Schlesinger, Tokyo bureau chief and Deputy Washington bureau chief of Wall street Journal and Mr. Kiyoaki Aburaki, Keizai Koho Center were invited as speakers.

Mr. Hiroyuki Takai of Sumitomo Corporation of Americas spoke about three main liquid natural gas projects happening in the United State and involvement of SCOA in these project. Mr. Takai stressed the fact that this LGN industry has the potential to have a major impact on the current U.S.-Japan trade imbalance.

Mr. Jacob Schlesinger of the Wall Street Journal gave the audience a first-hand account of what it is like to work within the current political climate in Washington DC covering the administration of President Donald Trump, particularly in the area of trade.

Senator Cory Gardner talked in very passionate terms about his dedication to U.S. – Asia relations and specifically the importance of the alliance with Japan. He referenced China, North Korea, trade, and energy all with regards to their specific impact on Coloradoans.

The program finished with an update on the Japanese economy by Mr. Kiyoaki Aburaki of Keizai Koho Center.